Tree Rings and Border Treatments

Our Tree Rings and Border Treatments service provides a unique way to enhance the beauty of your yard by installing decorative borders and mulch around trees, adding both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.
  • Tree Rings and Border Treatments for Second Nature Landscaping in Lake City, Minnesota

Are you looking for a way to enhance the overall appearance and health of your landscape? If so, then Tree Rings and Border Treatments are the perfect solution. This popular service involves creating rings around trees, as well as adding a border treatment around garden beds or walkways. These treatments serve both aesthetic and practical purposes.

From an aesthetic standpoint, tree rings create a striking focal point in your yard and elevate the appearance of your trees. Meanwhile, border treatments add dimension to gardens while separating them from other areas of your yard. In terms of practical benefits, tree rings help retain moisture around the base of trees which is crucial during hot summer months. Additionally, border treatments prevent grass and weeds from encroaching on garden beds.

If you want to invest in improving your landscape's visual appeal while also promoting its overall health and longevity then Tree Rings and Border Treatments are an ideal choice. You’ll enjoy all of these amazing perks without having to lift a finger!


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  • out of 5 stars

    Second Nature Landscaping is a local family run business that has really honed their craft. We are very happy we chose them! They made excellent suggestions for the high quality plants, mulch, pavers, the design, etc. that beautifully complemented our already existing landscaping. They gave a very accurate timeline for our project and we love the way it turned out! Thank you Aaron and Conner!

    Connie Atkinson Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    Both the son and the father did excellent work for me. Planted a tree, seasonal bulbs, retaining rock work, and more. My yard is much more beautiful thanks to them.

    Gail Knopp Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    Aaron and Connor were professional and at the same time made you feel like friends. As others have said, they were on time, great listeners and gave creative ideas for solutions. They always showed integrity and honesty and were extremely hard workers. I, with great enthusiasm can highly recommend them.

    Maureen Hanson Home Owner

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